Alpler Animal Trade


Alpine springs are unique with its diversity.

The characteristic of the Alps is its integration with traditional cultures, untouched natural scenery.

The mountains where cattle graze have high meadows. This is a paradise for cattle.

From the beginning of the summer, animals are driven into the mountains and remain there for about 100 days. Thus, cattle that grow here provide healthier and higher performance than other animals

Animals benefit from staying in the open air for a long time, thus strengthening the heart, blood circulation, muscle and bone structure.

Alpine meadows are home to many rare flowers and plants that cows enjoy and taste. Many rivers, streams, lakes and the Alps ice are important sources of drinking water.

The traditional Alps return ceremony;

In September, the herds return to their owners before the first snow covers the highest mountain peaks. Time runs out for people and animals on Alpine springs. A special ceremony is held for the return of the animals to the valley "Almabtrieb".

To celebrate the day, animals are adorned with handmade hoods and bells. Alpine farmers, on the roads leading to the valley, take the road with generously decorated animals.

Each animal returns to its owner in this way and passes the winter in the barn.