Alpler Animal Trade

About Us

We are your professional business partner, importing live animals from Europe to the whole world.

We are an experienced and dynamic company providing international service. Our specialized and professional team has made our way to the top for our country by contributing to animal husbandry and raising the quality threshold to a higher level.

By acting with our national feelings, we are paying great attention to ensuring that the animals that will come to our country are in the best quality. As a distribution organization, our company; mainly imports and exports breeding pregnant heifers, milk cows, fattening cattles and all races. One of the most important activities of our company is consultancy activities for livestock enterprises. We specialize in the mediation of high quality breeding animals!

Our desire is to use our company's experience, strength and strong connections to provide the best price performance ratio. We would like to offer you the opportunity to see and choose our breeding and fattenning livestocks.