Alpler Animal Trade

Pregnant Heifer Criteria

  • A - Only the fertility records approved by the relevant ministry or breeder association are accepted for pregnant breeding heifers to be imported.
  • The selection process is carried out only among the heifers, which has the "Pedigree" document which includes the parents and the yield data and prepared only by the breeder.
  • A - Pregnant breeding heifers to be imported; are artificially inseminated animals using the same racial bull spermatozoa that have been subjected to progeny testing or genomic assessment with a Total Breeding Value Index reliability (R) of at least 65%.
  • All breeding cattle supplied by us are free from diseases of TBC, bang; leucosis, brucellosis, IBR / IPV and BSE.
  • The selected animals have an ear cube that provides an individual identification.
  • In addition, animals have an identity document that is consistent with the individual identification number, age, gender, and race information. (There is a herd book and pedigree book)
  • You will be able to join and pick up these cattles and sheeps raised and collected in their natural environment!