Alpler Animal Trade

Required Documents

Capacity Report

It is a capacity report which indicates that the necessary investments have been completed and received from the Provincial or District Agriculture and Livestock Directorate. It is a document confirming that your operating capacity can provide maintenance and feeding conditions for the breeding animals you will bring.


It is a document signed and sealed by the person authorized or by the person authorized by the notary with regards to the subject, on import of the animal from which country, which race and with what quantity.

Proforma Invoice

1 original and 3 copies in Turkish translation including invoice number and date (stamped and signed document containing the information on the original bill and the technical specifications specified by the Ministry during the registration of the customs declarations to the related customs). It will be given by our company.

Control Document

4 copies of documents issued in accordance with the example published in the Foreign Trade Standardization Communiqué signed with the name and surname of the authorized person and seal of the company.

Letter of Commitment

A notarized document, which will be taken from the companies or persons on the import demand and which includes the condition that they will keep the breeding animals they obtained through importation in their businesses for 3 years or according to the latest law.

List of Authorized Signatures

Notarized list of authorized signatures for buyer, legal entity or individuals.

Commercial Registry Gazette

Letter of Attorney

Required Terms and Documents are constantly updated. You can also follow up the required information through webpage of T.R. Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.