Alpler Animal Trade

Non-Pregnant Heifer

Non-Pregnant heifer imports are encouraged by the Ministry recently due to its contribution to the development of animal breeding in Turkey.

We have carefully selected high genetic traits from selected Europe enterprises. Simmental Non-Pregnant heifers are between 9 and 14 months old and weigh 350 kg on average. They are animals that have their own breed characteristics and do not have any physical defects (feet, eyes, ears, udder parts). The selected animals have an ear cube that provides an individual identification. In addition, animals have an identity document that is consistent with the individual identification number, age, gender, and breed information. (herd book and pedigree books)
  • They can be sold at the 3rd month of their pregnancy being inseminated after 14 months
  • High profit rate
  • Light maintenance
  • Sales convenience
  • Ziraat Bank's interest-free credit facility for more than 10 heifers sales

At least 60 heifers must be taken. We are assuring you the best price for non-pregnant heifers. You can contact us for detailed information on non-pregnant heifer sales and prices.

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