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It is one of the leading breeds in terms of meat yield and milk yield.

The Simmental breed, the motherland of Switzerland, has spread rapidly in Europe. It is especially common in Germany and Austria. Simmental is a combined cattle breed since they are both dairy cattle and beef cattle. The hair colors of the Simmental cattle will be yellow-white or red-white. The meat quality of the Simmental breed is quite high and achieves 55-60% of the meat yield. Milk yield varies from 6,000 to 10,000 liters per year depending on the conditions. It is suitable for all types of production and climate, with their high fertility and long life, they are a high performance breed both in pasture and in closed barns. Because of its many features, it is the preferred choice for breeders.
  • It is a healthy and durable cattle breed.
  • They quickly adapt to hot and cold.
  • It can be grown in all kinds of climate condition.
  • There is not much change in yield.
  • It is a resistant cattle breed against diseases.
  • It has perfect maternal instinct.
  • It shows high muscle growth.

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