Alpler Animal Trade


We have a large logistics network with reliable and fast transportation. Deliveries depend on the country and the quantities and may be carried by truck, ship, train or airplane depending on the country of destination. We are an experienced and dynamic company that provides international service and our expert and professional team has taken the road with a view to raise the quality bar to a higher level by contributing to the animal husbandry of the country.

We cooperate with reliable and well-known transport truck companies in order to provide with a stress free transportation and comfort for your animals. We pay much attention to veterinary and transport arrangements in line with EU regulations. Deliveries are made in the official veterinarians custody. Drivers transmit their exact arrival times directly to the customer. The location of your animals will be constantly notified to you during the journey. We are passionate about our quality and efficiency for our logistics.

Our vehicles are equipped with the best of them.

  • The vehicles are equipped with air suspension and long loading ramps
  • They are cleaned and disinfected in washing and disinfection systems
  • Bedding and a fodder source
  • Fully automatic water tank
  • Continuous feeding and maintenance
  • Ventilation system
  • Trained staff

Your cattle will be treated well by us.

  • No dehydration
  • No stress
  • No fatigability
  • Short and direct routes
  • A convenient journey of meticulous, conscientiousness and conforming the animal welfare conditions