Alpler Animal Trade

Why to Choose Us

Our first-rate knowledge and continuous training measures of our team provide the desired performance of our livestock wholesalers for our real corporate achievements.

Our Services


  • We accompany you from beginning to end.
  • We will provide you with the best offers and prepare all the official documents for you. Official veterinary registration of animals, delivery of health certificates, customs procedures and insurance procedures.
  • Our Expert Team, by considering all the required laws and transport regulations, will provide a comfortable journey for our animals and bring them back to their new home.
  • It will also suffice to contact us in case of accounting transactions or any complaints.
  • Thanks to regional extensive marketing channels, our expert team will get the best possible price for you.
  • In what quantities you ask, our staff will do their best to provide the best possible prices for the quality of your animals.
  • Our sales representatives in Europe and Turkey is always ready to provide you services of information, advice, and comprehensive consultation.
  • We can even resolve your short-term demands quickly. We are at your service 24/7.

Health Management - Administration

All breeding cattle supplied by us are controlled for diseases of TBC, bang, leucosis, brucellosis, IBR / IPV and BSE. With veterinary services we offer standards that will set an example for animal health.


We are happy to provide you recommendations in cooperation with selected nutrition experts.

International Security

We import cattle and cows in first class. A smooth import process is guaranteed by us.

We offer our clients the greatest security possible in international trade.

We offer advice, suggestion and support for quality breeding cattle of all common races and breeds in Europe - the Alps region, especially in Germany. Animals come directly from well-breeding farms or are organized for you through breeding cattle tenders. The excellent co-operation we have with European, German and Austrian Breeding Unions guarantees the best genetic qualities of our existing breeds and their continuous supply. All our breeding cattles meet the highest international health requirements, taking into account the country-specific requirements.